Claas have delivered a mid-sized tractor with the power and comfort you would expect from larger, higher horsepower tractors yet still easy to use and spec up as needed.

The Auto Trader expert verdict: 4.5 Star
The 120hp to 180hp bracket is a big chunk of the UK tractor market and Claas offer a range of 500 and 600 Series tractors under the Arion moniker. Often used as a multi-purpose tractor these machines boast a range of flexible features to suit many operations.

The Arion 630 sits just above the middle of the range with a six pot 155hp rated motor with 165hp max, meaning it’s a capable tractor. Whether fitted with a loader or pulling a plough or drill the 630 is built to perform while being comfortable, maneuverable and packing a powerful punch.

Reasons to buy
• Powerful engine, responsive under challenging load conditions
• Maneuverable tractor but still capable of large tractor jobs and operations
• Very comfortable cab with an easy to use system and the ability to spec up as needed

Overall verdict
Claas deliver a compact yet powerful tractor with comfort levels you would expect on larger tractors. It’s very nice to see the overlap with technology used on their larger machines and the same layout of controls. This makes it very easy to own, operate and become familiar with.

The engine packs a real punch. The power hangs on and with the high performing hydraulics the operator is capable of any task be that loader or field work, the 630 keeps delivering.

Smart Stop allow the operator that additional bit of comfort when performing repetitive tasks and although the Hexashift transmission is not continuously variable it certainly sits up there with some of the best.

The range
The 510, 530 and 550 (115hp – 155hp) are fitted with DPS 4 cylinder, 4.5L engines with a twin turbo and smaller wastegate turbocharger. The larger 6 cylinder 610, 630, 650 and 660 (135h – 175hp, 660 boosts to 205hp) are fitted with a variable geometry turbocharge (VGT) and offer two idling speeds to help reduce stationary fuel consumption. Both 4 and 6 cylinder variants are common rail making them responsive and when it comes to cooling the Viscotronic fan runs at an independent speed to the engine depending on how hard the tractor is working, the transmission temp, engine temp and status of the air conditioning unit. These smart engines deliver low fuel consumption with plenty of power on tap when needed.

The 630 is fitted with the Hexashift transmission as standard which operates in 4 ranges, A-D with 6 powershift gears in each range. Clutchless forward and reverse as well as between ranges means the operator always has the right gear to hand or with the overlap of one range to another it is possible to stay in one range for maximum flexibility. Smart Stop allows the operator to stop the tractor only by pressing the brake pedal which is very handy for clutch heavy operations such as loader work. Should more performance and comfort be required the CMATIC continuously variable transmission is an option for more precise speed control and power transfer. The 630 is the first Arion that can be fitted with 42” tyres helping further to get the power to the ground.

The wheelbase of the 630 provides stability and performance while keeping comfort and traction at a maximum level. The front suspension adjusts automatically depending on the load and while the cab is suspended via 4 points making this a comfortable place to work regardless of the task. Claas offer three display options for the operator meaning whether the 630 will be operating on a livestock farm all day or the main workhorse on an arable farm the cab can be specified to any level. The base CIS cab spec and digital corner post display offers everything you need with mechanical spool valves and an option of two electric for loader operation. The CIS+ variant adds a colour corner post monitor and various automatic functions for the next level of comfort when setting the electric spool valves, transmission or headland management system. To bring everything into one screen Claas also offer the 12” colour Cebis terminal which includes the CMotion which brings all functions into one hand grip which is configured through the display.

Using a multitude of implements or a front loader is no issue for the 630. The load sensing hydraulic system means power is available quickly and with up to 200 bar maximum pressure any task is handled with ease be that front loader work, tipping large heavy trailers or seed drill fans for example. Add to this the 8 tonne lift capacity at the rear and the 630 can handle some of the biggest jobs on the farm.

We hope you find this review useful, good luck with finding your next item of farm machinery.

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